About Us


Fly Hawk Real Estate was founded in 2010 under the umbrella of Future Way Commercial Broker LLC. We manage the sub - lease of properties across the most sought after locations in Dubai. This venture is the brainchild of Mr. Sajid Iqbal when he identified the potential in this sector post global economic recession. The vision of the founding members proved to be extremely successful as Fly Hawk took off from the start and has made a prestigious track record in the sector. We are proud to be associated with the best names in the industry. Along with the expertise and experience in managing labor camps we have evolved to take on the freehold properties sector in Dubai as well.

As a company that has cut its teeth on the UAE Property boom, Fly Hawk Real Estate has amassed a wealth of knowledge and human resources that gives it the impetus to reach out to a variety of clientele, not just in the GCC, but to the Middle East and other world markets.

When it was formally established in 2010, Fly Hawk Real Estate focus lay in managing its own properties, and those of private concerns, for brokerage, lease, rent and maintenance. During that time the company had to deal extensively with not only property owners, but property buyers and tenants as well. As a result, Fly Hawk Real Estate recognized the need to include additional and more sophisticated services to its central market offering.

From simply managing real estate transactions, Fly Hawk Real Estate has evolved its market offering to include a wide range of services such as property evaluation, finance options for tenants, maintenance and security solutions that suit its increasingly diverse and savvy clientele.


Fly Hawk handles sub – lease group management in prime locations across Dubai with a mission to provide the highest quality at affordable prices. It has secured a leading position in the Dubai real estate market with an exclusive guarantee that you will always receive service, trust, accessibility and results from everyone in the organization.


Our Vision is to nurture and develop a complete hub for real estate activities that cater to the dynamic needs of every commercial and individual client coming from diverse cultural, economic, and financial backgrounds.